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Our Courses

Mr. Mubashar Waseem

Experience: 17 Years

003- IEF
005- BMBS
Test abc
AFC- B.C (B# 15)
10031- CAF-04 MW (B#2) 11:00am 12:00pm
10012- CAF-2 MW (B#3) 9:00am to 10:00am
10013- CAF-2 MW (B#3) 10:00am to 11:00am

Mr. Jamshed Yousaf Butt

Experience: 17 Years

006- FAR-1
009 Audit and Assurance (CAF-09)

Mr. Adnan Rashid

Experience: 17 Years

001- CMA
110- BFD (CFAP-04)
CMA- (CAF-08) Live Session Recording
C8-21-1 CAF-08 Adnan Rashid 10:00am to 11:30am
10071- CAF-08 AR (B#2) 12:15pm to 1:45pm

Mr. Zahid Hussain

Experience: 14 Years

002- FAR-2
Financial Reporting (CFAP-01)
10060- CAF-07 ZH (B#1) 7:30am to 9:00am

Mr. Mian M Zeeshan

Experience: 5 Year

007-QM (Maths Portion)
008 - Introduction to Accounting (CAF-01)
AFC- QM (Maths, B# 15)
C1-21-3 CAF-1 Mian M Zeeshan
AFC-03 (Maths Portion, B#18/19) MMZ QM

Mr. Hassan Chauhan

Experience: 4 Year

004- QM (Statistics Portion)

Mr. Nazim Kamran


010- Taxation (CAF-06)
Audit Assurance & Related Services (CFAP-06)

Miss Farhat Razzaq


011- Business Law (CAF-03)
C9-21 CAF-09 Farhat Razzaq
C3-21 CAF-3 Farhat Razzaq

Mr. Hassan Chouhan


QM (Maths Portion) (AFC-03) B#13, Sir Hassan

Miss Saman Ahmad


F.E (AFC-01)

Miss Sana Ehsan


B.C (AFC-02)- B# 13
AFC-02, BC (B#19) Sana

Mr. Abubakar


IT (AFC-04)
AFC- 04, IT (B# 15)
AFC-04, IT (B # 16)
AFC-04, IT (B#18) Abubakar
AFC-04, IT (B#21) Abubakar

Mr. Imran Shehzad


Advanced Taxation (CFAP-05)

Miss Munazza


Corporate Law (CFAP-02)
AFC- 03, QM (Stats, B# 15)
AFC-03, QM (Stats Portion) B # 16

Malik Dilawar Hussain


PCSC - 1



No course is being offered currently

Miss Saman


5001- AFC- 01, F.E (B# 14)
AFC- F. E (B# 15)
AFC-01, F.E (B # 16)
AFC-01 Saman (B#18) FE
AFC-01, FE (B#19) Saman
AFC-02, BC (B#20) Saman
AFC-02, BC (B#21) Saman

Mr. Mubashir Waseem


5002- AFC- 02, B.C (B# 14)
AFC-02, B.C (B # 16)
C2- CAF-02, Mubashir Waseem
AFC-02 BC, (B#18) MW

Mr. Mian Zeeshan


5003-A, AFC- 03 Q.M (Maths) (B# 14)
AFC-03, QM (Maths Portion) B # 16

Mr. Hassan Chohan


5003-B, AFC- 03 Q.M (Stats) (B# 14)

Mr. Tahir Islam


5004- AFC- 04, IT (B# 14)
AFC-04, IT (B#19) Tahir
AFC-04, IT (B#20) Tahir

Sir Imran Shehzad


CFAP-05, Advance Taxation (Dec. 2020)

Mian Ahmad Farhan


C1- CAF-01 (B#1) MAF
C5-21 CAF-05 Mian Ahmad Farhan

Rana Naveed


C3-21 CAF-03 Rana Naveed Pre Result
10030- CAF-04 RN (B# 1) 11:00am to 12:00pm
C3-9 CAF-03 (RANA NAVEED) TIMIMG: 9:00 TO 10:00
C3-12 CAF-3 RANA NAVEED TIMING: 12:00 to 01:00
10032- CAF-4 RN (B#3) 2:00pm to 3:00pm
10024- CAF-3 RN (B#5) 8:00am to 9:00am
10025- CAF-3 RN (B#6) 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Ahmad Ali Arshad


C6-21 CAF-06 Ahmad Ali Arshad

Dawood Shahid


C1-21 CAF-01 Dawood Shahid
10041- CAF-5 DS (B#2) 11:30am to 1:00pm
AFC-03 (Stats Portion, B#18) DS, QM
AFC-03 (Stats Portion, B#19) DS, QM
AFC-02 (Maths, B#20) DS, QM
AFC-02 (Stats Portion, B#20) DS, QM
AFC-03 (Maths, B#21) DS, QM
AFC-03 (Stats Portion, B#21) DS, QM

Sajjad Ahmad Malik


C2-21 CAF-2 Malik Sajjad

Haris Javed


C8-21 CAF-8 Haris Javed



20001- FA-1 Sidra 12:00pm to 1:00pm



20010- MA-1 Ambreen 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Madam Sadya


AFC-01, FE (B#20) Sadya
AFC-01, FE (B#21) Sadya

See What Our Brilliant Students Said

Ali Umair


The courses are fantastic and the respected Teachers are so knowledgeable. I would like to thanks CFE E-Learn for this initiative.

Mohsin Raza


No matter you are taking online classes, It's and amazing experience like I am in real classroom. In my opinion the testing system and online MCQs are very helpfull for students. Thank you CFE E-Learn.

Zeeshan Muneer


I really recommend Mr Adnan Rashid for CAF 08 online as I have option to learn from my hometown. I wished I could learn from him that became possible through CFE E-Learn. I am from Multan and want to say all outsider students to go for CAF 08.

Sidra Mansoor


As my family shifted from Lahore, so I was worried about my CAF classes. I am happy to get enrollment in CFE E-Learn. It is good experience so far.

Shahid khan


Having virtual classes from Lahore based institute was not possible for me before CFE E-Learn. I like to thank CFE for saving my transportation, residence and food cost by avoiding hostel life. I am quite satisfied.

Mahmood Niazi


Daily uploading new lectures and previous remain available for revision is the outstanding experience beyoned actual classes. I can stop, resume and rewind my lectures for better understanding.

Why CFE E-Learn?

  • Concept based learning on your gadget (Mobile, laptop, and computer etc)
  • Best faculty at your home town (Desire of students comes true)
  • Affordability, creativity, interactivity and class based feel and look
  • No hurdle to learning in case strikes, weather, traffic and social commitments etc
  • Learn on your productive time without compromising your ease of home and environment
  • Topic wise tests, suggested solution and MCQ based tests also in build for your facilitation
  • Yes, you can ask questions from your respected teacher and teacher assistant