Experience : 17 Years

  • CFE

    From : 2002-01-01 To : 2019-01-01


  • M.Sc (Economics)
  • MBA
  • MCS
  • M.Phil (Contd)
17 years of vast teaching experience .Trainer of the trainers.Engagement in ICAP’s revision classes for CAF students proved very useful for the students. Believe in show up and teach, on just a double click even on off days, till the day of exam. Working style is proactive course management, plan for unplanned in depth of every aspect of lecture, assignment, quizzes, case studies. Most inspiring style by associating things with everyday life, motivate students to achieve success in their professional and social life. Can convert complex paradoxes into simple understandable mind maps by special care to be as clear and concise as possible. High result addicted and plans for unplanned students to ensure success.
  • CFE To : 2002-01-01 From : 2019-01-01